I read ‘Teaching Smart People How to Learn’ by Chris Argyris

First I want to start off by saying that the comment on Page 9 by the CEO, referring to the consulting company with turmoil over some employee dismissals, that “It’s just not fair to keep poorly performing individuals in the company.  They earn an unfair share of the financial reward.” is excellent.  What a good way to word the response. 

Secondly, the case pushes the double looped theory which I suspect most company leaders understand, but have a harder time practicing.  I was once told by Dr. Donovan of Data Integration Manager at Convio, Inc., that in any relationship you must be willing to accept the idea that you are not doing enough to accept responsibilities and that you should give a little more and admit wrong doing on your part to the extent that, once you feel you are doing your fair share, you should give and accept another 10 percent.  Likewise, ‘Teaching Smart People How to Learn’ makes an excellent point when referring to accepting responsibility and learning from your own dynamics.  This was a great article.


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