From Bob Sutton’s Blog, “Work Matters”

According to an article on Bob Sutton’s Blog “Work Matters”, “less smart” people may be able to outperform “more smart” people.  I can agree with this.  I’m not sure that you can generalize the groups specifically, but as an individual feels above a topic or task, they’re going to put out less effort.  I would think that there would be a balance of worth, where intelligence provides some percentage and effort would provide the rest.  Natural intelligence can hold back efforts for different reasons.  I deem either intelligence has spawned an ego problem in which effort becomes a concern, or intelligence is hidden due to a lack of self confidence, where an intelligent person is a weak socializer and confidence is negatively affected.  The perception of intelligence is sold through effort.  For others to recognize intelligence there will be required efforts put forth.  Also, effort may be a result of intelligence, so that an intelligent person identifies the payoff of efforts and therefore acts on it.


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