I read, “Can Personality Be Changed” by Carol Dweck

Personalities are adaptable to situations, surroundings and corollaries.  From birth a person can be given attributes that encourage adaptable learning and personality adjustment.  I just finished reading “Can Personality Be Changed?” by Carol S. Dweck and I agree with many of her main positions.  She states that a malleable personality is more likely to succeed in relationships, education and other areas of life.  This couldn’t be more accurate in my opinion.  When your mind is aware of growth and the ability to grow there is a recognition that you can always do better.  When you don’t feel limited your likely to push yourself.  This backs the phrase, “whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right”.  If you believe you’re capable of learning and changing then you’re giving yourself the ability to do just that.  Great study.


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