I read the Wall Street Journal article, Rules of Engagement.

I just finished reading the article and I enjoyed it but I’m having a hard time believing it.  I do believe that increased employee satisfaction would positively affect the company revenues, but does the study take into account the amount of money spent on the new ‘atmosphere’?  Better benefits, raises, and a fitness facility all come at a premium.  Don’t get me wrong though I love the idea.  Especially about the fitness facility and the employee perception, but how long does it last?  You would think that after the changes occur that the attitudes would go up, but at some point its old news.  It’s just expected and any old issues would again hatch and return.  The mention that the executives were committing to quarterly face to face time by meeting employees at the door with breakfast was excellent.  The breakfast was nice but just having that transparency and conceptual friendship was the real benefit to me.  Very interesting article.


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