Get Healthy—Or Else

Inside one company’s all-out attack on medical costs:

NV Energy announced a new benefits plan this week and like CEO Jim Hagedorn did with Scotts, it’s very focused on employee health.  There will be financial incentives to stay healthy.  Along with annual screenings that could have costly results.  Although, I’m not too sure I disagree with it.  I believe in staying healthy and financial incentives are the way to do it, especially if the company offers ways to work towards a healthier life style.  Believing that you can treat your body however you want is your own decision, but then asking for financial restitution when you need it is absurd.  How should a company handle a healthy employee that doesn’t abuse health care benefits versus an unhealthy one who does?  When you are taking comforts away from groups you’re going to get some friction, but finding ways to do it with reason and help, shows that there’s a purpose to it.  Adding programs and a fitness facility shows that it’s not strictly a financial cut, that there’s a desire to actually improve employee health.  Not just for work or benefits reason either.  Remember being healthy is a good thing.


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