Two Football Coaches Have a Lot to Teach Screaming Managers

Wall Street Journal Article: Two Football Coaches Have a Lot to Teach Screaming Managers :

Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are good coaches, but so are Rex Ryan and Bill Cowher.  Cowher has a ring just like Dungy.  I’m not sure screaming is a bad thing, especially when it’s a result of passion and hard work.  I believe that how it’s handled and who it’s directed at makes a big difference.  Some people take it as motivation and others as discomforting.  Different situations and circumstances call for different actions and personalities.  One of the best mentors I’ve ever had at work was loud, direct, had a foul mouth, was rude, and informal.  On the contrary, he worked constantly and he worked hard.  He also pushed knowledge and education.  He had a driving force that some calm, even tempered leaders don’t possess.  As for Tony Dungy, he was an intelligent head coach and really has earned a reputation as a mentor and friend.  I’d argue that it was Peyton Manning that drove that 2006 Colts team to the championship and he has more of a driving personality.  Maybe again he doesn’t scream as much as Cowher, but he’ll get after a player for a mistake.  In general, I believe that it’s hard to say which trait is better and really it depends on the situation and the personalities involved.


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