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An Article on Carl Burke, 1997, CEO and his decisions to develop a strong team of leaders:

It’s interesting to read a trained psychologists breakdown of top management and see the tabulated characteristics of each individual.  For the most part, their resumes are impressive, but if Carl seeks openness and idea oriented people he needs to help create the atmosphere.  The study suggests that too many of the leaders are worried about whom the CEO is and how his term is going to play out, rather than his direction.  Being the same age or younger than five of his six reports is a difficult process to overcome.  Plus, Carl has now shaken up the whole team and dissatisfaction will be on the rise.  Don’t get me wrong, seeking outside professional help and paying well for it is a valuable tool and should be used when needed, but Carl needs to show some direction.  Respect is the key here.  Carl needs to connect with his team as individuals and professionals.  Creating ideas and potential stars with market growth requires his ideas spawned through his colleagues.  He’s not manipulating his situation and gaining control.  I fear the worst for Carl if he can’t start something soon.  I’d suggest taking a deep breath, team with Roger, already seen as the successor, and start the growth era.


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