SAS Institue (A)

My impression of SAS (from A Different Approach to Incentives and People Management Practices in the Software Industry):

I want to work for SAS. What an amazing place. I love the idea of creating your own health institute, gym, day care on campus. I love it when your place of work is called a ‘campus’. I love the common sense approach to the company and the levels of respect throughout. Bottoms-up is an entitling process and actually focuses on improvement. The company takes pride in ideas and employees, wow what a concept, and hence the results. The nature of the business, being idea oriented and requiring creativity and self drive, blends perfectly with the business approach. SAS has taken intelligent motivated people and said, here all the tools you’ll need to do something great, we’ll take care of you and work with you while you create. That’s just awesome. More companies should take notice. Actually, scratch that, more employees should take notice and leave the companies that don’t emulate the approach.


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