Sins of Commission Article

My response to Sins of Commission: Be Careful What You Pay For, You May Get It:

If the study that the article references to, found that most employees seek to please their colleagues and leaders and do a good job, then vocal feedback seems like the best way to promote quality and efficiency out of your employees.  Let them know when they’re doing a good job.  Get out on the floor, or out in the field and talk.  Get engaged and give positive feedback when it’s deserved.  When you’re consistently giving someone positive feedback, then give them a raise because they deserve it.  Leadership needs to give their management empowerment to make those decisions, and if leadership is engaged then they’ll know if the manager’s feedback and raises given were appropriate.  Trying to quantify production in terms of employees is difficult in most jobs, and it’s even more difficult to fairly blanket across a large company.  This article is spot on when it states that you get what you pay for.  The executive reference to CEO incentives that are proportional to share prices encourages foul play.  I still believe that getting engaged and involved with your ‘team’ is the way to spawn teamwork and a team like atmosphere where everyone has an important role.


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