HCL Technologies

My response to the HBS article on HCL Technologies (A,B):

After reading the HBS article on HCL Technologies, I want to focus my response on the 360° feedback that Vineet implemented.  I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this one lately.  It reads like it’s been working well for HCL, but at what point are you too transparent?  It seems to me that a certain level of transparency is good.  It helps create a more personable atmosphere for the company.  CEO’s and vice president become ‘real’ people and it spawns a team structured environment with similar goals.  These are all good things, but political and personal goals are now going to be more tempting.  What I mean is that people are going to engage more in the social game to move up the corporate ladder instead focusing on ‘work’ work.  As senior management becomes ‘real’, now younger ambitious employees are going to be able to hone in on self positioning by means of the social game.  More information is on the table.  More knowledgeable employees can make more educated moves and more importantly, these employees will be spending their time doing this instead of the before mentioned ‘work’ work.  So, while I agree with the 360° feedback tactic, I’d like to know what kind of mid-level politicking resulted from it, if any.


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