The End of Management

My response to the WSJ article, ‘The End of Management’:

This article is great. It sounds a lot like the book ‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink. It also relates with the Stanford School of Business article on SAS. This article is more over the top as it makes statements like the new era will be similar to the Italian Renaissance. Collaborative efforts and individual contribution does seem to be key to this new ‘era’. I could imagine individual experts all working separately and only a small organized group that would tie the work together to create the final product or service could exist. Many entrepreneurs could pool outside help quickly and effectively without ever forming an actual modern business structure. I would think that as long as your idea is structured, your business plan is realistic and structured, you provide autonomy to highly educated people, and the idea actually works any form of business perception is possible. You wouldn’t necessarily need to be in a large corporate building with motivational posters and bad cafeteria. Like Jim Collins has said, as long as you have the right people on the bus, your business has an opportunity to thrive.

I think it’s interesting that Google offers 20 percent time, because if it does work so well, why not offer 100 percent time. Autonomy is good but maybe it can’t be 100 percent of the business structure. Like the housing market in 2005 are too many people going to jump onto the 20 percent autonomy time fad and then businesses will lack the traditional structure that supports the foundation like the trunk of a tree supports all the branches? Don’t get me wrong, I completely believe in autonomy but it seems like there’s a necessary balance to the new ‘era’.


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