The Men’s Wearhouse

My response to the article ‘The Men’s Wearhouse, Success in a Declining Industry’:

I agree with Zimmer’s perspective on his five stakeholder groups.  Employees should come first.  That’s the people you trust to build the business.  The business is essentially a team and aren’t your team members the most important.  Like Jim Collins says, the people you have on your bus really matter to the potential of your business.  Also, when Zimmer is talking about the stakeholder groups and the end of the paragraph he mentions this, ‘I am only interested in long-term shareholder value’.  That is a great perspective and it helps you ride through down times.  It also is clear for investors that some decisions may negatively affect shareholder value but those decisions will be made with the long-term effects in mind.

Another aspect I like about the Men’s Wearhouse philosophy is the continued training.  It reminds of SEL U, a continuing education and training program hosted by SEL Inc. for power engineers.  Training is not only a great way to standardize your mission and values, but it also brings people together and offers a sense of respect for the employees.  What I’m saying that any company that is willing to invest time and money to train an employee is showing that employee that they care about them and want them as an employee.

One of the impressive behaviors by Zimmer is the ‘touch’ philosophy.  The fact that he’ll work the floor and get around to many parties and districts and get involved in the individual stores is inspiring.  That’s the type of person that people want to work for.  It gives an employee the feeling that employees matter and allows people to build relationships with upper management.  It sounds like a great company especially when they can grow in an industry that’s shrinking.


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