ACT Change

My response to ‘Changing Others Through Changing Ourselves’:

Gandhi, Martin L. King, Jr., and Jesus are great examples of people that inspired real change in others by personal sacrifice and true commitment.  By self sacrificing for the cause you’re relaying a message that you truly believe in the greater purpose. When you start to self-sacrifice you’re selling the change to yourself.  This commitment to the cause drives you to change yourself.  Overall, this commitment and self sacrifice are only truly motivating when it is for the right reasons.  You must have purpose and find the common good in the situation and feed off that motivator.  Martin L. King, Jr., as with the others, was doing the right thing.  He self sacrificed for the common good and he changed himself for the right reasons.  Furthermore, he was literally living on the edge.  His actions and words were border-line enough to get the attention of the people and not too over whelming that his actions were not respectable.  Jesus had faith in others – just like the others did – and gave people the benefit of the doubt.  He gave the people the autonomy to do the right thing and inspired them to change for the cause.  These traits are very interchangeable with the work place actions required to inspire change.  Commit to the cause; care about the purpose; do what’s right; and have faith in others. Later in the article there is a story about a mother-daughter relationship and how these same notions followed by Jesus, King, and Gandhi helped the mother build a successful relationship with her daughter and how her grades improved.  The quote that from the article that relates the best with me is this, “I was outwardly encouraging, but inwardly I mistrusted her, and she felt that message from me.”  You have to believe and have faith in the people that you’re working with.  You have to inspire them to change, trust that they will and believe that they can.


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